Traxman - Slash Time - 12" Vinyl EP


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A1 Slash Time
A2 Lava
A3 Survive
B1 She Take It In Tha Face
B2 Electro Tekk (feat. DJ Fred)
B3 Da Best Thing I Can Affar

Traxman needs no introduction. He is one of the most influential figures and an originator of not only Footwork, but also Chicago House and Ghetto House. He is one of the gems of the windy city who brought us the sound of House. Since the release of Da Mind of Traxman on Planet Mu, by many people considered one of the best Footwork albums ever, he is slowly but steady taking the whole world over, release by release. 
Duck N' Cover Records is very pleased to announce his first six tracks EP for the label, and this is a very special record. As usual, the label handed over all control to the artist as this is one of it's main policies, and what the fans now get is not only a very personal but also a very adventurous and daring futuristic record, even for footwork standards. 
The EP starts off with Slash Time, the title track, a noisy synth-line blasting through the void to slide into a shimmering pad driven by a manic 808 motor, da master at it's best. The second track, Lava is raw like the Chicago projects, reduced to the max but funky as it gets! Then follows Survive, which is one of the key tunes to the understanding of this EP, as it has so much House roots in it, clearly showing us that the DNA of Footwork always was and always will be House Music. On side B now, She Take It All In Tha Face is a naughty ghetto bastard, born to shake all serious dancefloors worldwide. Electro Tekk is yet another exercise in rawness, a Dj-tool for the winners. The closing track, Da Best I Can Affar, has the most laid back feel of the EP and tells us once again what is the message. 


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